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CTO, IT genius

Christian Rühringer 

Christian is an extremely talented IT professional. He has a vast amount of knowledge in many different areas, such as Java, C and C++Javascript, PHP and SQL. Christian has also managed several projects and teams. His knowledge in web security (against DDOS and other attacks) and cloud (AWS) makes him a valuable asset to any team.

Projects by Christian Rühringer 


Christian got hooked up to the Internet at a very young age and has been driven by the desire to design and extend his favorite video games ever since. He learned C and C++ at the age of ten, moved quickly into web technologies such as Javascript, PHP and SQL in his teenage years, and always been fascinated about connecting with people around the globe.

He started creating his own social networks (called forums and image sharing platforms back then) and found quickly jobs within the European startup communities challenging him over and over again to keep up pace with the steady growth of those markets.

In times of Cloud computing, WiFi everywhere and 5G coming up, he strongly believes in distributed teams, remote-only workplaces and modern Internet architectures.

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